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Grindin Gears: Tampa Can Ride It’s Suck Stick Edition

old man
I have no problem with people being self-righteous twat nuggets. We dealt with it against Montreal and oh boy did we deal with it. It got the point where our Habs eulogy on Puck Daddy was so hate filled it brought us over 1,000 incoming hits. People flocked to our inbox to tell us how awful we are, how juvenile we are and how they’re going to drive to Boston to kick our fucking ass. I’m cool with that though because Boston and Montreal have a heated rivalry. Boston and Montreal fans are like peanut butter and car oil. They don’t mix well when you’re drunk at 4am. Next was Philadelphia, the “City of Brotherly Love”. Philly fans were brash, rude and obnoxious; but they had a reason to be. Last year the Flyers pulled off an amazing feat never seen before in the NHL. I’m okay with their shit talking, we deserved it. Then we swept them and everything is mildly okay.

Tampa fans tough are the biggest jackasses below the Mason-Dixon line. Yesterday was a heated debate between radio stations, between fans and between family all culminating over the fact that Tampa fans were insecure about their fandem. It came to the point that Tampa “fans” bitched so much that the Boston Bruins PR Department pulled their signs from the TD Bank Garden. How pathetic. When an organization like Montreal can handle it, the biggest crybabies in the NHL, it really speaks to the power of the puss in Tampa. These douches get all uppity because the Bruins call out their fans as not being real fans. Well guess what, the Bruins organization is justified. Look at the attendance numbers.

The St. Pete Times Forum holds 19,758 for a hockey game. The TD Bank Garden holds 17,565. If you look at attendance numbers this season, the Tampa Bay Lightning fill their arena to 87% capacity over 41 home games. 87%. You’d think that a hardcore hockey fan base like Tampa Bay would be able to fill an arena for 41 games. Considering that their team was also in the top 3 of the NHL for a time, 87% is pathetic. It’s even more pathetic when you put it against the Bruins, who filled their arena to capacity 100% of the time over 40 games. That’s right folks, with one more home game on the Bruins, the Lightning couldn’t fill their building and couldn’t beat the Bruins average attendance per game. Those numbers? Boston: 17,565. Tampa: 17,268.

So for a fan base as diehard as the Lightning’s they couldn’t fill their building AND beat the average attendance of an arena that holds 2,000 less? And we’re the bandwagon town right? I’m not even going to touch the ticket prices either because Boston’s tickets are almost double that of Tampa. So you have lower priced tickets in a larger arena and still can’t fill it? Hardcore baby. Right down to the varicose vein!

Suck my taint Tampa…

What pisses me off is the tough talking “We won a Cup in 2004” bullshit. If a team wins a Cup and no one is around to see it, does it actually count? Can fans name players on that team not named Vincent Lecavalier and Martin St. Louis? Go ahead, I’ll wait. Right, you can’t. No in Tampa cares about hockey no matter what they say and their attendance proves it.

You know what else pisses me off about Tampa? THEY’RE NOT A FUCKING SPORTS CITY! Before the 2002 Super Bowl, you couldn’t give tickets away to a Bucs game because they blew goats. When the biggest star in your city is Vinny Testaverde then you know your franchise is doomed. Since then, the Bucs have toiled away in mediocrity and their attendance still sucks! In the 2009-2010 NFL season the Buccaneers were 31 out of 32 teams in attendance with 49,258 total on the season. Last place? Oakland. That means that shit teams like the St. Louis Rams were drawing better than the Bucs. THE FUCKING RAMS.

It doesn’t stop at football either. The Devil Rays/Rays/whatever they are down there couldn’t fill a stadium if you paid people to go. Tampa is a disgrace when it comes to baseball. Like I mentioned in another post, my friend was in Tampa during the Red Sox/Rays 2008 ALCS match up. He wasn’t doing much the night of the game and was able to buy tickets along the third base line for about $17 bucks. It’s a joke. The city is a joke and the fact that everyone is suddenly a hockey fan down there screams to how much chicanery goes around down there.

So fuck you Tampa. Enjoy your Golden Carrol with your $4.99 early bird specials, skin cancerous orange people and continue being God’s waiting room. Your city is the shithole of Florida and the armpit of the Southeast.

Random Thoughts

– The Bruins defense has been atrocious this series. For some reason people are putting a lot of the 10 goals scored on Thomas, but in reality it has nothing to do with him. Johnny Boychuk was the reason 3 goals were scored in Game 2. Dennis Seidenberg and Tomas Kaberle each own a goal from Game 1. So we’re looking at at least 5 goals directly effected by poor defense.


– Seguin’s a monster. I don’t think I need to go any further into this.