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Guy playing Thunderbug gets fired for spidermanning Bruins fan

Bruins fan Thunderbug fired
Hey, remember when this bruiser got spiderman’d in the eye by the Tampa Bay Thunderbug? And then chased the fucker up the steps and pushed him down?

Well, it appears that this incident got the mascot canned. Per Larry Brown Sports:

After the fan became enraged and tackled the mascot, Lightning security removed him from his seat and had a chat with him.  We’re not sure exactly what was said during the discussion, but we do know the person who plays Thunderbug at the games has since been fired.

According to WTSP in Tampa, a Lightning spokesman said the altercation with a Bruins fan played a role in the decision to let the person go but was not the only factor.  Was he late for work a few times or something?  I can’t imagine the mascot would be looking for a job right now if he had kept that can of silly string by his side.

Lightning fans have started a lame ass Facebook group to try to get the guy’s job reinstated. LBS says it current has a little over 200 “likes” which sounds like the entire Lightning fanbase that are young enough to use a computer. Woo!

Also, the Bruins fan was back in his seat with a couple of brewskis shortly after this incident.

Suck it, Tampa. bWo!

Suck it, bitches