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Habs cry to NHL about Montreal 911 shirt

Rumors circling around the Internets were true — the NHL and Canadiens have sent BottomLine Apparel (creator of the Montreal 911 shirt) a cease and desist letter, claiming logo infringement… aka, the Canadien organization is a bunch of assmunchers.

From Rob’s blog:

With some help from our blogger friends at Days of Y’Orr and Bruins Blog, we managed to sell quite a few shirts. We got orders from all across the county and even some from Sweden and Germany.

Then the orders from Canada began to pour in.

I was psyched to learn that the Bruins would be represented well in enemy territory next week, but I was also curious about the source of my new-found Canadian fame…

Then Larry from Montreal called and told me our Anti-Habs shirt was featured on LCN, a 24-hour news station in Montreal. I still haven’t found a link or video, but now I had a reason for all the Canadian sales.

Pretty cool, right?

Well, it was… until I got a Cease & Desist letter from the NHL. That’s right folks. Not only are the Montreal Canadiens still trying to mess with Zedeno Chara’s head before he’s forced over the border for Games 3 & 4… but they’re messing with my right to make a buck by making fun of them for their extreme yahoo-like nature!

Wow. Fucking lame. You suck, Montreal. 

What this boils down to is that Rob has to stop selling the shirts. If you ordered one, you’ll get it but he can’t take any more orders. We think Rob’s perfectly in his right with this shirt but there’s no way a small Boston businessman can take on the NHL. That’s David vs. Goliath but money trumps all. Rob says to send him picture of you in his shirt though for his site.

We can’t say we’re overly surprised by this. This is the same franchise that mande Habs Inside and Out change it’s name because it didn’t want the blog to use the word “Habs” (it’s now Hockey Inside and Out). Yes, the Canadiens organization is this retarded.

What a farce this “glorious” and “historical” franchise has become.

Clearly the organization is embarassed by the fact that it’s fanbase is as unstable as a loose screw and then pandered to its fans fragile pysche. Why else would a professional hockey team care what a small Boston t-shirt stand is doing?

Suck it, Montreal. We can’t wait to watch your city burn after the Bruins sweep you again.