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Habs finally show some fight… in practice (Updated with video)

Let it never be said that the Montreal Canadiens won’t show some fight. They just prefer to do it in practice and agaisnt each other.

The last-place Montreal Canadiens are ringing in the New Year with a fight — teammates P.K. Subban and Tomas Plekanec exchanged punches during practice Monday.

The two clashed during a one-on-one drill. Both dropped their gloves and threw punches until Josh Gorges and others stepped in.

No big punches landed and neither player was hurt. Both players stayed on the ice as practice resumed.

Of course no big punches were landed. Have you seen Subban fight?

Pretty sure Lucic or Chara will get blamed for this practice scrum — being a bad influence and all.

And while the Habs keep reeling it’s shit like what language their coach speaks that’s really important up north. The language rally is slated for this weekend.

Can’t wait for Stubby to write a big post about how dumb this is. Won’t happen, of course.

UPDATED: Video from The Score. Great find.

In other news. Don Cherry looks like a mobster at the Winter Classic. Fitting for Philly.