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Happy Anniversary Joe Thornton…NOW GET OUT


November 30, 2005. 

Today is the anniversary of Joe Thornton being traded to the Sharks for "no one". You remember this right? Thornton signed a huge (at the time) deal with the Bruins. It was a 3 year, $20 million dollar deal. Through it all, everyone was shitting on Thornton because he was a terrible captain, had the leadership skills or a dead rat and the Bruins just got embarassed by the Canadiens in the playoffs the prior season. 

But then Jumbo Joe was shipped out and suddenly the boo-birds came out chirping that the Bruins "didn't get anything" out of that trade. Well DOY buddy Kirk Luedeke (who reminded me what this glorious day was) has something for you to chew on: 




So while the immediate return for Thornton may have just been a bag of warm dicks to fill roster spots, the eventual return means the Bruins won this in a landslide. Sure, he has won some individual awards (Art Ross and Hart Memorial in 2006) but he really hasn't done shit for San Jose. 

Bruins on the other hand? 

Bruins cup

Also #6? Are you fucking crazy Joseph. 

I lied: Jumbo Joe gave us this awesome gif: