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Happy Free Agent Day!

Today marks the free agent signing frenzy. Here’s what we expect from the Peter Chiarelli and the Boston Bruins today:

At most, a depth guy you never heard of (at most). Don’t expect a big splash from Chia, not with a limited cap which currently stands at a tiny $277,857. Any signing would need a trade or two to make room before the season starts.

Edit: We forgot about Savard’s contract which will go away due to LTIR. Still not expecting anything major from Boston today.

This, of course, is standard Peter Chiarelli on NHL Free Agency Day.

Note: not really Chiarelli.

It’ll be fun to see what team overpays for Nash’s rights, though. We’ll update the site with any moves Boston makes if Chia decides to work on a Sunday.

PS — Happy Canada Day to our friends and readers up north.

Captain Canuck Canada Day