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Here’s Your Daily “Alexander Ovechkin Is A Douchebag” Reminder

Is there anything worse than ripped jeans? Well yes, ripped jeans on Ovechkin. Actually, I think the only thing that would be worse is Ovi in jorts. 

How fucking bombed do you think he is? Look at that face. I don’t know what’s wrose, the fact he looks like a fleshy version of skeletor or the other guy’s hat. What the fuck is up with that. At least the other guy, who looks like he could be Ovechkin’s brother, doesn’t have jeans that make it appear he got in a fight with a badger before this boating trip or whatever the fuck they’re doing.

Also, Buzz your girlfriend…woof.

I wonder if Ovi got the whiskey dick. either from being drunk or looking at that girl’s stupid Joker-esque smile in the light.