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Nathan Horton gives Tampa fan a shower

This isn’t exactly what Boston needs right before Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals — Nathan Horton spraying and throwing a water bottle at a Tampa fan. Guy deserved it.

Video yoinked from PuckDaddy’s story.

Horton could be suspended for this. There’s precedence and the League sent out preseason warnings about shit like this. He shouldn’t be though. Not when there were retarded Tampa fans chucking plastic clapper give-a-ways at the team as they were leaving the ice. Remember — Krecji got nailed in the head with one. 

Horton was probably giving the guy a subtle hint on his lack of hygiene. Douche.

We’re totally OK with Horton hosing the dude off. We’ve always been OK with players spraying fans who are giving them the business. Hate it when fans can dish it but then cry to mommy when the players dish it right back. We’re surprised no one has showered the Vancouver Green Men yet.

Not like Horton beat the guy with a shoe or anything. 

This pretty much sums up a lot of Tampa fans:

Tampa really is becoming the Montreal of the south… minus the heritage and hour long intra-period celebrations. 

It’s going to be an interesting Thursday evening/Friday morning while we all wait for the League’s view of the situation.