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Hurricanes Downgraded To Sun Showers. BRUINS WIN!


When a team wins 6-2, you think that we'd be basking in a puddle of our own semen and happy tears, but when that team is the Carolina Hurricanes, I can't really pop a huge black and gold woody over it. Look, the Bruins are good at beating bad teams, that's what 4th place teams are supposed to do. You're supposed to beat shitty teams and Carolina is a shitty team. 

Look at their roster, it consists of Eric Staal, his brother, Semin stealing money, Cam Ward and a bunch of guys from Hockey Town. Seriously, with Semin and Ward injured, there's no way Boston should have lost to this team. And they didn't. After Tuukka Rask bailed these guys out for 10 minutes in the first period (again), the Bruins picked it up and took off. 

nightmare on causway

I mean we can make a big deal of Claude's new lines and say that they worked, but can we get a real goalie test before we go anointing Claude the master of the line combinations? I mean, I'm not sure Justin Peters and Dan Ellis are the NHL "quality" I want to compare my lines to. 

I know I'm overly negative, but lets be real. It's the fucking Carolina Hurricanes. Yes 2 points is 2 points, but when you beat down the Hurricanes and Devils and poop your pants in Montreal, it really speaks to the type of team you are. 

jack sparrow

After the jump, the real meat of the recap…


sauna rask

– Tuukka Rask proved once again that he's the backbone of this team. Not Chara, Not Khudobin, Not Jagr – Tuukka Fucking Rask. In the first period, he bailed out the Bruins lack of a defense by stopping everything the Whalers threw at him. He was solid, in fact you could argue that he was fantastic. He's proving to everyone why he should be the number one goaltender in Boston. 

Fuck, he's proving to everyone why he belongs with the elites in the NHL. He's currently 3rd in GAA in the NHL with a sub 2 number (1.95) and second in SV% and would probably be first if Craig Anderson didn't get hurt. Look at the games played: 


So Rask has played 12 more games than Anderson and 15 more than Bernier. I think it's obvious that Bernier won't be up for consideration for the Vezina and Anderson's injury should kill any chances he had. Crawford, Rask and Bobrovsky will probably be the ones up for debate, but Rask should run away with it. 


– Brad Marchand and Jaromir Jagr need to stay together. They have the magic apparently as Jagr directly assisted on both of Marchand's goals. 

Goal Number One:

Goal Number Two:

The chemistry these guys have had in the two games (New Jersey and Carolina) they've played together has been insane. Hopefully Claude keeps them together because splitting them up could have disastrous effects. Imagine a Marchand-Bergeron-Jagr line in the playoffs? As much as I love the line with Seguin on it – Jagr would be an upgrade on that wing. His puck handling skills are much better than Seguin's and he is clicking with the nose at the right time. 


– Rich Peverley played his best game this season last night. Maybe it's a coincidence that he has his best game of the season on the night Chris Kelly returns from injury – or maybe it's that he needs Chris Kelly to be productive. Whatever it is, Peverley was good last night and hopefully it's a sign of things to come.

With Lucic being absolutely fucking useless and Nathan Horton being off and on more than a light switch – the Bruins will need scoring depth. If Peverley and Kelly can get on track then it bodes well for the B's in the playoffs. 

– Greg Campbell centering the second line made me nervous, but last night he proved he can be a worthy center. Would I like this guy to be center Jagr and Marchand going forward for the entire season? No, but I think he can serviceable until Bergeron is fully healed. People could make an argument for Chris Kelly, but then you risk ruining whatever chance Rich Peverley has to pretend he's an actual hockey player. Soupy was good last night, but I'll wait to see how he does against real NHL players. 

– Crowd was loud last night, for once. 



– The power play still sucks. Jagr didn't change anything because the Bruins are afraid to shoot. Seriously – they went through their first power play without putting a shot on net. It's disgusting. I don't even think it's Geoff Ward's fault anymore. 

I don't think Geoff Ward is purposely telling his team to not shoot. I mean he could be in the huddle during a timeout and saying "Hey guys, just pass the puck for a few minutes – shooting is overrated" but I highly doubt that's the case. 

– People like this guy: 


They're the reason why people want Tuukka Rask traded. 

– People overreacting about Claude being a genius. It's fucking Carolina. 

– The defense in the first and third periods were disgraceful. It's a fucking theme at this point. The defense is bad and there's nothing that can be done to change it. Zdeno Chara looked so out of place last night that it was frightening. In the third period, Carolina was splitting our defense like it was Kim Kardashian's legs at a rap concert. 

It's concerning when the 13th place team in the NHL is making your defense look like pylons. I don't know how you can fix something this bad. 


– Patrice Bergeron, do you know how much we miss you? 

– Why is Jaromir Jagr so awesome and how much does he and Brad Marchand party? 

– Is this recap finally finished? 

– Why is the Bruins power play so fucking terrible?