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Ice-O-Topes try to make Bobby Orr’s goal sexier than it already is


Kinda cool thing Ice-O-Topes is doing by replicating famous hockey images for a pin-up calendar . One calendar runs $25.27 CDN if shipping to the US and part of the proceeds goes to charity.

This is a much cooler way of mixing half naked women and hockey, while the Bikini Hockey League is just…. ugh…

We wondered what our banner would be like if we went the Ice-O-Topes route:

Sexy. Maybe a DOY Pin-Up is on its way. Can you imagine Greg posing like this?



From the Vanvouver Sun:

“The moments we recreated are all very recognizable, even though in our version, the players are scantily-clad women,” said photographer and Topes right-winger Rebecca Blissett. “I wanted to get away from doing pin-up photography for our latest calendar venture, as I feel that style is a bit overdone at the moment. So we went with the more challenging theme of recreating action shots.”

Partial proceeds from each $20 calendar go to the Britannia Ice Rink in east Vancouver. The rink runs the BASH program (Britannia After School Hockey) which provides underprivileged teens in East Vancouver an opportunity to get into skates and learn the game. BASH is also accepting donations of gently used hockey gear. Donations can be dropped off during rink hours at 1661 Napier St., Vancouver, B.C.

And for those feeling this is more objectifying of women, you'll enjoy The Hawkeye Initiative. Actually, even if you don't feel that way you'll still enjoy it.

Oh, and to make things fair: