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In other news… Nathan Horton has a mild concussion

Getting lost in the circus that is Tim Thomas’s announcing his candidacy for President of the United States it that Peter Chiarelli gave an update today on Nathan Horton. And it’s not good.

“I don’t have an official update other than I think it’s a mild concussion from what I heard and what I saw last night,” Chiarelli said. “I talked to him again today and these things are day-to-day. It may not be, there’s that gray area between when you take your impact tests and you see how it is the next day, the following day and then you make that determination. He’s in that gray area.” 

Shit. And right when he was heating up, too. Fuck you, Tostito Chip. Video of the hit is here.

Tom Sestito tweeted this morning he was getting his teeth fixed

It’s 4pm on Monday after the hit and still no word on if Sestito is going to get a call from Shanahan. No idea if Shanny suspendeds non-Bruins anymore.