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Is the NHL Lockout the end of Shawn Thornton?


We're too depressed from reading these quotes to do a real intro. They speak for themselves.

From Pro Hockey Talk (emphasis ours):


“For guys like me I have a few years left and I’m kind of caught in the middle and squeezed out on both sides,” he explained. “If this goes on for a year or two then I’m probably done and I have to go back to working for a living.

“That’s fine. I’ve done it before. I worked in a steel factory when I was younger. But on the other side I’d like to play out the last two years of my contract and be a little bit ahead after fighting 400 times over the last 15 years.”

This is awful news for Team DOY. We realize the Third Greatest NHL Player of All Time will eventually have to retire, but we'd like to see another year or two out of him first.

smoking jacket

Thornton, any last words for the NHL owners?