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Is the Price Right? Looking at Boston’s Cost/Point Ratio


For last night's Days of Y'Orr Pregame Show, I had a feature all set up where we looked at how much each Bruins cost per point scored, with cha-ching sound effects and everything, and then my Internet went and shit the bed. We were able to finish the DOYLive show but I had to cut the feature for time sake.

But I didn't want the graphics to go to waste.

So after the jump we look at who the most expensive and bargain offensive scorers for the Boston Bruins at the quarter-season mark.

Note: I didn't include defensemen since they're not expected to put up offensive numbers like forwards, and I only counted Paille for the Merlot Line since he's had more ice time with the top three lines.

Double Note: These numbers are from before last night's game against the Islanders.

Alright. Let's do this, counting down the most costly Bruin per offensive point.

1. Rich Peverly
Good ol' Raptor Jesus has the speeds and skill to put pucks in the net for Boston but this year he and the third line are struggling. And his points to cap hit ratio makes him the most expensive Boston Bruins (non)producer of the first quarter of the season.

Rich Peverly cap

2. Chris Kelly
Cage Face finally got his first goal of the year over the weekend. Hooray! He's making $1million dollars per goal and a bit less per point. Of course, Kelly is also making what he's making for more than just goal scoring. He's a solid defensive forward and great on the PK. Gotta remember that when looking at the following graphic, but it'd be nice if he produced a bit more offensively, too.

Chris Kelly cap hit

3. Patrice Bergeron-Cleary
We love Bergeron. The dude can do it all. Score, play defense, win big-time face offs in any zone. He even has a mean south paw hook. But this year he's a little slow on the scoresheet, which is amazing because of how on fire Marchand is.

Patrice Bergeron cap hit

4. Milan Lucic
Lots of people bitched and moaned after the Bruins re-signed him to a big time contract. Not that they didn't like Looch, just didn't like the numbers. He's not far off pace with the other top Bruins scorers and, like with Kelly and Bergy, it's important to remember Looch's "intangibles" such as his grit, physical play and his ability to drop the gloves (though that's a rarity these days).

Milan Lucic cap hit


5. Nathan Horton
Looch's linemate is right behind him. Horton can be physical but he's not really expected to be at the same level as Looch. Boston got Horton to score goals and big time goals Horton delivers. At the quarter-season mark, Horton is the mid-way point in terms of cost/point.

nathan horton cap hit

6. David Krejci
All three members of the Bruins top line in a row. Krejci is the team's current point leader, slowly but surely wracking up point after point after point. He can snipe a goal but he's really good at setting up his teammates. Remember when some fans wanted him traded? Good times.

david krejci cap hit


7. Tyler Seguin
Seguin's not big on goal scoring this season so far for Boston. He blew his goal scoring load while in Europe we guess. Maybe he just needs the golden helmet? Anyways, he's playing solid defensive hockey, too, so he's finding other ways of helping the Bruins win. And if you're wondering why he's not higher up on this list it's because he's getting some assists (setting up his heterosexual lifemate Brad Marchand) and he's also on his last year of his Entry Level deal, so he's still cheap for Boston. Not next year.

tyler seguin cap hit

8. Daniel Paille
Pie is the only fourth liner we're putting on this list since he occasionally gets shifted up the lines. He gets so many break-a-ways his cost per point could be even cheaper for Boston, but alas… Let's also remember that he's great on the PK which is the best in the NHL.

daniel paille cap hit

9. Brad Marchand
The Little Ball of Hate is putting up big ball numbers… wait… yea we'll just go with that. Marchand's the team's leading goal scorer and when you take into account his other attributes he's a steal for the Bruins.

brad marchand cap hit

10. Chris Bourque
Love him or hate him, Raymondson is the best bang for Boston's offensive buck. He's not wracking up points, but he's super cheap and he's tied with Krecji for PPP. He's also second on the team with registered hits (27).

chris bourque cap hit

There you have. Any surprises or disappointments so far?