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Is Tuukka Rask growing impatient?

To add on to the Boston Bruins pisspoor play as of late and Tim Thomas “pleading the fifth” for crimes he hasn’t comitted, we now have Tuukka Rask airing some grievences with the Finnish media.

Found by our friends over at Gahden Gremlins and translated via Google Translator/Chrome, here’s what Rask said: 

“The truth is that I want to play more. I do not want to spend a whole career sitting on the bench. It feels like no matter how well I play, I’m on the bench in the next game. Even if I get a shutout it’s not enough.”
There is supposidly more to the interview but we’re unable to see it. It’s possible things are put into more context. But even if they’re not, we can’t blame Rask. He’s played fantastic this season and probably hasn’t gotten the number of starts that he deserves. He’s the starting goalie on most teams in the NHL. That’s life when you play on a team with Tim Thomas.

But between the team’s poor play, Timmy in a mini war with the media and now these quotes, it’s just gonna egg on guys like Euklund and KPD who enjoy stirring the pot with retarded trade ideas they get from the voices in their heads.

Great find by GG. If anyone has access to the full story let us know. We’d love to see what else Rask had to say.