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It “Tuukk” Long Enough. Bruins; Rask Ink Deal
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Boom! We all know that Bob’s word on contracts is pretty much golden. 

So lets look at this deal. I think it’s pretty win/win for both sides, though it seems that everyone is getting all bent out of shape re: the 1 year contract. I think people need to step back and take a deep breath, maybe smoke a little weed and relax.

The Bruins/Rask deal is a win/win for both sides and here’s why:

Bruins’ win:

  • Low risk for a goalie who hasn’t played more than 45 games in a season
  • If Rask is terrible, the Bruins can cut ties without being held up in a lot of cap
  • If Rask is good to amazing he’s a restricted free agent in July 2013 which means they can extend him for more money

Rask’s win:

  • Prove to the Bruins he’s starting goaltender material
  • Lack of long term contract gives him incentive to play well
  • Rask playing good to amazing means he could get a huge contract next season

I don’t know why people on Twitter are all up in arms. It’s funny to me that last year (and even through the offseason) people were saying that Tuukka isn’t a starting goaltender so when Boston signs him to what’s basically a tryout contract, people are shitting their pants its not a 4 year deal. 

Can’t have it both way folks.

Also, I don’t think this has anything to do with Malcolm Subban. Subban is probably 3-5 years out for being NHL ready so even if Rask sucks next year, don’t expect to see Subban between the pipes.

With that said, I’m happy I can wear my Rask jersey for (at least) another year!

Good job Chiarelli