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It’s a PANTS OFF, DANCE OFF! Brad Marchand Signs Contract!

If anyone had a better time dancing around Boston without a shirt on than Brad Marchand, we don’t know about it. This guy was everywhere and anywhere and most of the time his nipples were exposed. He was Boston’s version of a Peruvian hooker and the fans ate up every minute of it. Well Bruins fans, get excited because Marchand and the Bruins have agreed to a 2 year contract that will pay him roughly $2.5M a season and keep his RFA status.

Personally, I love the deal. It’s a low risk, high reward type of thing that has made Peter Chiarelli one of the best contract negotiators in the NHL for the past few seasons. If Marchand sucks this season, the B’s have one year left at $3M, which isn’t a considerable amount of cake given their $9M cap space.

Marchand was one of four Bruins to score 20+ goals in the regular season (21), had a plus/minus of +25 and one of two Bruins to score double digit goals in the playoffs (10).

Someone out there said that Marchand is getting overpaid. They’re crazy.

Here’s to 82 games full of shirtless jokes, long nose jokes and more importantly, more goals. Having Marchand on the wing with Patrice Bergeron (the other winger isn’t determined yet) for two more years should give any Bruins fan a raging black and gold pants tent.