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Holy shit. My Shawn Thornton jersey that I won is finally here. I only won this sucker back in January

Wait. What’s that? You don’t believe me?

Jon might be right. I have been waiting for a long time. I was a wee, baby face, short-haired lass when this endeavor started, waiting for my Shawn Thornton jersey to appear from the seas.

After the jump, how I survived and evidence of the jersey…

I counted the days I had survived without my black #22. I’m not sure how I survived, really. I grew lonely without it and had to look for comfort elsewhere when people laughed, saying I never won the jersey in the first place. I felt myself going mad!

I even started seeing mirages of my long-lost jersey in the distance.

And yet this afternoon a box came. I opened it. And… and…

There it was!

The wait is finally over.

Thanks to RocketXL for finally getting me this beautiful item of clothing in my hand. Even if it did take 7+ months. Tossing in the adjustable Bruins champ hat was a nice touch and much appreciated.

UPDATED 8/19 10pm: And just as I was praising RocketXL for finally getting the jersey in my hand this happens.

That’s the name plate peeling off. Piece of shit NHL.com crap. Pretty sure this jersey was made by whoever China outsources their work to. Gonna have to sew this on myself.