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It’s Guy Love

For us, the most memorable moment of last night’s draft was this.

My girlfriend after the pick: “Y’know, some people say hockey is about violence; it’s really about man love.”

Truer statement has never been uttered. Hockey’s for lovers, bitches.

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Seguin on the hug:

“I needed a hug at that point,” Seguin said. “He’s a big teddy bear, so I jumped right on that.”


What a touching moment by the big dude everyone in Montreal painted as Frankenstien’s monster incarnate. It was almost as touching as that time Doughy gave Stoll a handjob on the ice.

That’s how they roll in California. Whatevs. We live in Massachusetts.

Seguin tweeted after the event:  

No idea what a tweetalie is. Maybe that hug changed Seguin. Somewhere Brad Marchand is jealous…

As for the rest of the draft, Team Chara is basically a Boston Bruins reunion as Z picked Phil Kessel and Dennis Wideman. No truth to the rumor that Chara is going to trade Kessel… though that would be cruel and hilarious.