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It’s time to rally the men…

It’s time to rally the men, ladies and gentlemen.

It’s time to raise your colors and standards and to let trumplets blaze. Time to pick up your swords and shields and wield it in any way you see fit — to cut down your enemy or protect your brethren.

For there is no tomorrow. There is no next time.

There is no dawn unless we get through the night…

Bruins need to dig down deep to see what mettle of man they’re are this post-season. No room for error. The leaders of this team need to lead and the stars need to hit the scoreboard. They can’t be outworked this afternoon. They gotta play tighter than a nun’s ass after Pizz just flashed them.

Read rest of “Rally the Men” here. Someone read it in the Bs locker room. They could use it.