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Jay Feaster is the absolute worst


Goddamn. Jay Feaster is so incompetent at his job that now he's expanded business to Boston. Not only did he tell Chiarelli that the Bruins had Jarome Iginla, he also requested the Bruins sign that one-year contract with Matt Bartkowski so he'd be all contracted up for the Flames when the trade was finalized.


So basically…. Chiarelli offers Bartkowski as part of the deal for Iginla.  Feaster's like "Done. Just sign that kid from Pittsburgh to a contract first." Chiarelli does that. Feaster says "Iginla is yours. Great doing business with you." Then Feaster goes MIA and doesn't talk to Chiarelli for almost 12 hours, and comes back with "Oops. We're actually sending him to Pittsburgh. Sorry kthnx Bye."


Feaster's the worst. Then again maybe Chia shouldn't have signed Bartkowski and just let the Flames deal with it. Sounds like that wasn't part of the puzzle. Chia working on good faith. Bet that doesn't happen again. Fool me once…

Again. Iginla wasn't going to fix the defense problem Boston needs to figure out, but this shit with Feaster and Iginla is just whacky.

Image from @AK46Guerriero