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Jay-Z strikes back at Raffi Torres for Halloween costume

Another Halloween, another year in which an NHL player makes himself look black for a Halloween costume. It’s about as annual as the Winter Classic at this point. Some people get pissed. Others don’t give a shit.

This year it’s Raffi Torres dressing up as Jay-Z, donning darker skin and all. 

Lot of people are making a big deal out of this, calling it black face. When we hear black face we think of the more traditional context — like this. Big difference between the two. One is stereotyping an entire race; the other is going as a specific person (a celebrity). One’s making fun; the other is an homage.

Anyways, Patrice Purrgeron was able to steal us a copy of a soon-to-be released PSA featuring Jay-Z. Apparently, he, too, doesn’t like being boiled down into a Halloween costume.

Jay-Z is right. He doens’t look like this. Torres has the hat cocked to the wrong side. Amateur.