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Jimmy Howard Needs An Adult! BRUINS WIN!

Man, what a way to welcome to Detroit Red Wings to the Flortheast. After scrapping the bottom of the Eastern Conference's shit barrel, the Wings were welcomed to the Flortheast by getting the bag kicked out of them by the Boston Bruins and its power play. 

Yeah, the Bruins fucking power play. 

The Bruins open and ended the game with a power play goal, the first being from Torey Krug – who notched his first official NHL goal (remember pre and post seasons don't count) and the last being Zdeno Chara. 

Overall it was a good performance by the Bruins and while they may have caught Detroit at the right time (three games in four nights in three difference cities), but it's also the beginning of the season so fatigue shouldn't be an issue. If it is, well then Detroit may be in a far worse shape than just last night. 

But fuck it, let's get get on with the chlorophyll recap...


– The Young Guns definitely showed up last night, beginning with Torey Krug who kicked the night off with his first career regular season goal…ON THE POWER PLAY! 

It's good to see the Bruins have some young defensemen who aren't scared to shoot the puck. Shit, it's good to see them have defensemen who aren't afraid to shoot the puck, period. For years they brought in "offensive defensemen" who didn't do dick or had one great year and flamed out. Go right down the list: Dennis Wideman, Joe Corvo, Tomas Kaberle and I'm sure there are some suckbags who I'm forgetting. 

marchand predator

– Marchand scored his first of the season. It was a nice shoulder high wrister that got a little help from the pipe. The good thing is they don't ask how – they only ask how many. Scary part was after that goal Justin Abdelkader seemed to hit Marchand high. 

To me the hit didn't look malicious, but you can never tell. Either way, Marchand only missed a couple of shifts and was back later in the game. 

– Tuukka Rask was sparkling in net last night, stopping 25 of the 26 shots he faced. For the first two games, and lets be honest that's all we can judge this off of, Rask has looked like a $7M goalie. These are the type of games we expect from him, especially against division opponents. 

It's not like he faced a slouch team last night either, Detroit was picked by many to make it to the Eastern Conference Finals or even the Stanley Cup Finals. They're legit, but Rask shut them down. 

– Zdangles back in the building last night. Sometimes scoring a goal is a little luck mixed with a little skill. Chara's goal was a mix of both as Detroit fucked up whatever breakout they tried shorthanded thanks to a good backcheck by Krejci and Lucic. Krug showed his offensive prowess, fed Chara and Chara put it past Howard. 

Bing, Bang, Boom – just like that. 

(S/T to @mybruinsoface and xdcindyxd for posting this)

– Man, Jordan Caron sure has a bee under his bonnet. He's out there to prove that everyone was wrong about him. Especially Justin. Caron and Smith are making the most of their opportunities, I'll tell you that much. It may actually make Soderberg a healthy scratch when he returns to full health. 

It's also good because now Soderberg doesn't have to rush his ankle. Rest up Yeti because the Horse is putting the Bruins on his back. 

Man, what a pun. 

Negative huh? 

Is it weird that looking back from the game, there's not much that comes to mind. Usually we just call he "Negatives" the "Bitch About The Power Play" section, but when it's 50% on the night what can you complain about? The Bruins played a complete game last night, including shutting Detroit out on their power play. 

There hasn't been much to complain about these last two games – which is weird for me because I hate everything apparently. 

– When is my ChocoBear going to score his first Bruins goal? 

– Does anyone write on this website other than me? 

– When Jordan Caron plays well does Claude reward him with a carrot?