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Joe’s Apartment Are Bigger Twats Than The Canucks

HOLY FUCKING SHIT. Thanks to CoachsSister for sending this to me. 

So what we have here is a shitty commercial featuring shitty mascots (ZOMG THE GREEN MENZ!) with a shitty premise.

Apparently its the Canucks just beating the shit out of the Bruins. Do you remember when that happened? Do you remember when Roberto Luongo checked Milan Lucic? Remember when one of the alien twins took down Brad Marchand? I sure don’t. How about you make a video on what really happened. Here are some samples: 

And there was this:

marchand sedin

Which ultimately ended with this:

cup photo
But there wasn’t anything that happened in the video above. Clearly Joe’s Apartment is on some serious drugs. They have to be to even WANT to employ the Green Men. Yeah, you remember those clowns right? People in Vancouver think that the Green Men are original and for some reason they love the fuck out of them. To everyone else, they’re lame. 

I mean, they’re so edgy! How could anyone out do this? 

green men
I’m not sure how Ottawa native Chris Kelly survived that Boston based ribbing.

Sedin hitting Marchand. Okay!