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Jon apologizes to Buffalo

After the Bruins 4-3 shootout win over the Buffalo Sabres, Jon went a bit overboard during his recap of the game when he decided to do a eulogy instead.

Buffalo fans were already really upset that those nefarious Flyers had already ended their season and were hoping their scrappy team could exact a small measure of revenge by defeating the Bruins in the season finally while Ryan Miller watched safely from the Buffalo bench.

However, the Sabres blew a 3-1 lead and Thomas put on a clinic in the shootout and the Bruins got the last laugh yet again.

Jon was so excited that he left his fiancee at the game and ran home to make photoshops. He loves the sweet taste of Buffalo tears, perhaps a bit too much. Most of his poorly done photoshops involved pissing on Buffalo’s grave, Buffalo players banging animals, or Ryan Miller sucking at various things, including (according to Jon) his own mother’s titties.

Buffalo fans were, understandly, incredibly upset not only that there team lost but that Jon made such a mockery of their pain. The emails and Tweets poured in and someone even sent us a link to some Sabres message board where their fans were having a group therapy session after getting trolled so hard by Jon.

We here at Days of Y’Orr like to think we run a respectful blog, where all fans of all teams are welcome and their opinions are valued. With his post, Jon created an atmosphere of hate and tear soaked Miller jerseys and as a result we are forcing him to make ammends with the Buffalo fans he has wronged.

After the jump….. Jon, somewhat unwillingly, apologizes for his awful, awful eulogy post…..

Dearest BuffaLOL,

I’m sorry your fan base and your team sucks so very, very much.

I hate you. I hate everything about you. Your whiny fans. Your whiny players. Your whiny coach. Your fans and team make the Canucks and Canadiens look like tough, knowledgeable, sane fans and players. There is no point to you.

Well, that isn’t entirely true. There is a point to you. We love to troll you and you make it so easy. You threaten to stab us in the neck (actually happened… four times so far), tell us you’re going to bang our mothers and let us ruin your day with a simple photoshop while we sit here and laugh and laugh and laugh. 

I just wanted you to know that. Your tears fill me up and make me happy. Your murderous tweets and threats against my pee pee make me chuckle so loud I get in trouble at work. I would give you all hugs, but BuffaLOL smells gross and I don’t want that stink on my favorite sweatshirt.

I hope that in the future our relationship continues to go down hill and that you send lots more hate mail to Days of Y’Orr!

Your friend and master,


P.S. Here are just a few of the reasons I hate your stupid, stupid fan base and all your stupid faces.

Even if the Bruins lose in the playoffs, at least they made the playoffs Mr. Pistol. You know what the Bruins did today? Had their first playoff practice. You know what the Sabres did today? WATCHED the Bruins have their first playoff practice. You’re an idiot. Thanks for playing though.

Ahhh the classic “classless” tag. A ton of things wrong with this guy’s statement here, but here’s a couple. 

First, the classless thing couldn’t be more stupid. EVERY fan base has fans that troll rivals and are all around jerks. EVERY fan base. The classless thing is about as relevant as Brittany Spears.

Plus we’re super classy. We drink wine and wear monocles!

Second, saying “fucking” would be considered classless by “classy” people so your statement itself is both “classless” and ironic but we wouldn’t expect anyone from Buffalo to comprehend such an uncomplicated notion. Keep eating those lead paint sandwiches Patches!

– Really? This one post did that? Well thank you Becky! We are honored! I mean it isn’t like Buffalo fans have sent us death threats, sent us pictures of Miller banging what they claimed to be Chara’s mom, or sending us emails calling us “super gay fags.” I guess you’re right Becky. We are the only disrespectful fan base in the NHL. Where did we go wrong!? WHY GOD WHY??!?!?!

P.S. We hope you had fun at the frat party Saturday when that room of guys ran train on you.


Disrespectful Bear

For the three less than intelligent posters above, I bring your attention to an actual PAID and supposedly “professional” Sabres blogger. The douche writes for the even worse Hockey Buzz. His EXACT quote from a recent article:

Were I Lindy, I’d start Jhonas Enroth. I’d tell the Sabres to take their agressions and anxieties out on the Bruins. If Tim Thomas were in net, I’d run him. Ditto Lucic, Chara, Marchand and Thornton. The Sabres have nothing to lose. The Bruins would likely to be dumb enough to retaliate. Maybe the Sabres can goad the Bruins into taking silly penalties that may lead to suspensions, and thus hurt them in the first round of the playoffs. The Sabres are now spoilers. Time to let it all hang out.

How incredibly hilarious. What is even funnier is that posters just like the Buffalo fans above all chimed in agreeing with this man. So the fine fans of Boston are terrible and disrespectful but it is okay when Buffalo fans say things like this? Wow, you are even dumber than we thought. We almost feel bad making fun of you because it is kind of like picking on a guy who just had a lobotomy.

And now were come to the biggest idiot of all. Perhaps even the King of Idiots.

I don’t even know where to begin with this moron.

Yes, because a couple of poorly done photoshops with the Sabres logo that indicate their demise is EXACTLY like the tragedy that killed an entire KHL team. Wow, spot on champ. I can see the parallels! Except I can’t. At all. Did your parents beat you when you were little? I fucking hope so. Thank you for once again proving my point that all Buffalo fans except Phil are inbred idiots who are overly dramatic like their piss poor excuse for a coach and their skirt wearing, contact hating, choke artist goalie.

How are our photoshops and jokes even close to an actual tragedy? We weren’t mocking people who actually died. We were celebrating the death of the Sabres season, not the death of people. I know you think the end of the Sabres season is a tragedy but it isn’t and quite frankly you should be used to it by now.

The fact that you even equated an internet post with a few crappy photoshops about the “tragedy” of the Sabres season to the KHL tradegy and the deaths of Boogaard and Rypien shows just how much of a shitty person YOU are. Must be fun up there on that soapbox making your completely illogical and irrational points. Where were you when Montreal made pictures of Chara being beheaded? Even Lucic is disgusted with you.

We didn’t mock actual human beings dying ONCE in our post. You are a sad, pathetic little man David. Time to re-evaluate your life if these are thoughts you actually believe to be valid and true. Your parents must’ve loved dropping you on your head as a child to see if you’d bounce because you obviously have some sort of terrible brain damage.

Shit, should I apologize to everyone who’s ever had brain damage now too? :-/ 

Turn in our fan card? Why don’t you go ahead and turn in your man card you whiny emo sack of crap?