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Jordan Caron Signs One Year Contract, Takes Paycut


So apparently Jordan Caron signed a one year contract recently, but no one really knew about it. The amazing people of Capgeek tweeted out Caron's contract details, which look like this: 

So Caron basically takes a 50% paycut to stay on the team. You have to wonder if Chiarelli is going the Tuukka Rask route and told the kid he needs to prove himself before they give him a contract. To be honest, I'm perfectly okay with that too, but I'm worried that Chiarelli still hasn't addressed an issue with this team: 

Bottom six scoring. Depth scoring.

Either way – Caron should battle for that 3rd line RW spot with Spooner, Smith and Fraser. Hell – Söderberg isn't a lock at the LW position, but he played well enough that I would put him there. 

Chiarelli is telling Caron that he needs to step up now. He's 22 and it's his time to shine, being a first round pick.