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RECAP: Khudobin shines brighter than Rihanna’s forehead at the Grammys. BRUINS WIN!



The Bruins scored a big victory last night in Buffalo if we want to play up the revenge angle, but I don't. I don't see why people believed the Bruins needed to avenge Shawn Thornton because of what happened with him and John Scott. If an enforcer gets hurt fighting an enforcer, there's nothing to atone for. Instead, Boston came out and pretty much manhandled the Buffalo Sabres and took what really mattered: Two points. 

So to all those in Buffalo who were shitting on the Bruins after their 7-4 loss to the Sabres: How's their ass taste? Unlike the first game, the Bruins shut down any and all offensive chances the Sabres had. They successfully defended against Thomas Vanek (I KNOW RIGHT) and actually scored a goal on the power play, although the power play still blew a bag of monkey dicks the entire game. 


The best part about it? The Bruins let John Scott try to imitate a hockey player and Brad Marchand dangled around him. They didn't need to drop the mitts last night (although Gregory Campbell tried and got chewed up by Patrick Kaleta). They have the talent and depth to run through the Sabres every time. 

Let's get all up in this recap's ass…



Anton Khudobin: Khudobin was sensational in his second start of the season. A lot of people questioned Claude for not putting Rask in net because he didn't play on Saturday due to the postponment. There's probably games circled for Dobby, so you don't want to guy to go long stretches between starts. Anyway, it doesn't matter because Khudobin was great last night. He stopped 25 shots last night, most of them int he first peiod (13). I know he's only played 3 NHL games, but I think he's proven to everyone he's a pretty comptent bacl up goaltender to Tuukka Rask. 

Brad MarchandLast night was a typical Brad Marchand game. He was chirping the entire game, he was flying around on the ice, he was drawing penalties (get fucked Steve Ott) and he was putting the puck in the net. 

Best part of Marchand's goal is that he never gives up and then snipes it past Ryan Miller. 

magic hands

Patrice Bergeron: It's good to see Bergy get on the scoresheet in the goals department. Guy does everything for that line (no matter who is on it) and is so sound defensively. A lot of people forget that before his concussion, Bergeron was a 30 goal scorer. Offensive talent like that doesn't go away, but he knows his role with this team. His job is to make sure that the neutral zone is contained so Marchand and Seguin/Horton can do their thing. 

The more shocking aspect of everything is that the goal was scored on the power play. It only took the Bruins five chances (including a severely botched 5-on-3) to score on the power play. Geoff Ward still needs to be fired. 

David Krejci: Dude had a shot at an empty net goal and passes it up for Lucic. What a guy. 


The Walking Dead: God damn was I happy to see The Walking Dead come back. The half season opener was pretty good, had an interesting plot twist and dives into Rick's madness a little more. Guy is probably sick of watching Bruins' power play replays. 


Power play: Yes, the Bruins scored the game winning goal on the power play but excuse me for thinking that it still sucks. Did you see the 5-on-3? It was a fucking mess and for some bizarre reason Seguin wasn't even on the ice. I am 100% confused as to why Geoff Ward still have a job running that broken down piece of shit. Fuck this, #FireGeoffWard movement is starting. In year's past the Bruins have had top 10 offenses and bottom 10-15 power plays. It's not a talent issue, it's a coaching issue. 

I'm not going to bother getting further into it because I did that in my Grindin Gears segment last week. 

Greg Campbell getting his ass kicked by Patrick Kaleta: 



– Just got an awesome deal on a Bruins Pooh jersey, how awesome am I? 

– Did anyone actually watch the Grammys last night? 

– What did Campbell say about Kaleta's goat to get him all pissed off?