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KPD strikes again…

Per our morning ritual, we headed over to Boston.com to see what they had for Bruins news.

Kevin Paul Dupont had a story on possible last-minute acquisitons Chiarelli might be looking into. It was good story until he wrote this bag of crap:

It’s a long shot, but ex-Bruin Matt Hunwick, dished to Colorado at the end of November, could be a target, although Chiarelli’s deals on Friday would make Hunwick’s cap figure ($1.45 million) a difficult fit. The advantage to reacquiring Hunwick would be that he knows Julien’s system and most of his fellow back liners. A slow start out West made Hunwick a favorite target of Avalanche fans, but he has been less of a Mile High Piñata of late, picking up an assist in three of Colorado’s last four games. A workable swap could be Danny Paille ($1.017 million) and perhaps a draft pick leaving Boston.

Spit take

There are about 100 things wrong with that graph. From bringing back Hunwick to what KPD thinks Matty’s worth (Pie and a draft pick!?) because of a mere three assists in last four games. Hunwick lost his power when he lost his spleen. We’d like to say we’re surprsied but this is the same writer who said Savard was going to start against Buffalo last playoffs because Savard was seen skating on the ice one morning.

This is just…. wow…

…We’re going to go drink now…