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Lavoie’s ‘Kelly contract rejected’ tweet all smoke

File under: WTF?

Renaud Lavoie of RDS is reporting Chris Kelly’s contract has being rejected by the NHL.

This makes no fucking sense since Chiarelli said the Bruins and Kelly have just agreed to the new contract in principle and won’t file it until 7/1 because of some weird-ass cap rules. The fact that this is an issue is dumb.


Kelly will net a four-year deal worth $12 million that can’t officially be signed until July due to “payroll tagging” issues within the salary cap.
“Payroll tagging” sounds like one of the dumbest rules since the delay of game penalty, but can the league reject a contract that hasn’t been officially filed yet? Sounds like Lavoie needs some new sources.

Or maybe @thetonyjones is on to something:

Makes sense. If that’s the case than Lavoie’s tweet is all smoke and there was no reason for it. Maybe he’s just bored and wanted to start some shit on the Internet. Who knows? What it does mean is we can all go back to worrying about when the Bruins re-sign Rask.