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Lindy Ruff injured at practice, declares open season on whiny head coaches

Earlier today Buffalo Sabres defenseman Jordan Leopold “slipped and fell” and slid right into Sabres head coach and lead whiner Lindy Ruff. Or so that’s what the Sabres wants us to think:

Towards the end of the practice during one-on-one battle drills, defenseman Jordan Leopold lost an edge coming up the ice on Ruff’s blindside and ended up taking the Sabres bench boss down. Ruff hit the ice hard and took a minute or two before skating off for treatment.

Sounds like an excuse for what’s clearly a blind-sided clip by Leopold on his coach. Marchand got five games for a similar hit that wasn’t a blindside. Ruff busted three ribs from the hit. No word yet if Leopold will get a call from Shanahan but Ruff has insisted that unless Leopold is suspended the NHL is declaring open season on whiny head coaches. We’re expecting Shanny to let this one slide though since it wasn’t a Bruin that threw the hit.

Leopold went on the defensive after practice:

“I lost my breath. I was looking back and right when it happened and I kind of yelled, ‘Are you all right? Are you all right?’ And right away, ‘No,’ so that wasn’t a good thing,” Leopold said. “I know Lindy’s a tough guy, he’s played a lot of games in the NHL and played through a lot of injuries. Your body ends up hurting more and more, I think, every day the older you get. That was one of those unexpected ones. Those ones are dangerous.”

Sure, blame the injury on the injured party. Classes dick.

We can’t wait for the Habs to use this in a chirp against the Sabres