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The Bruins are off today and not much is going on. We’re still talking about Mark Recchi’s heroics, whether or not the Lightning got hosed on that late boarding call last night, how awesome Tim Thomas is and how the Bruins are 2-0 so far on their 5-game road trip.

Both games were close, but B’s scratched out a couple of victories. The game last night against Tampa Bay was especially fun to watch. Now we look forward to a rematch against Atlanta tomorrow that, like most games like this, is sure to fall short of the hype surrounding it. Bruins should keep their heads up, but the game will likely just be another day at the office.

You could always check out Patrice Purrgeron’s latest adventure, which seems to have worked so far. If the Bruins keep this up you can thank him. Bruins are 3-0 since Purrgeron found their heart.

But it isn’t always about us. So today, we thought we’d share some links and other fun stuff we like.

After the jump some links, some pics and Pierre McGuire being his usual, idiot self……..

That Seguin drawing above was done by Neal Portnoy. Neal’s work can be found at his site, I Draw People.

Neal does portraits, illustrations caricatures and a lot more. The Days of Y’Orr staff attended Joe Gill’s Blogapalooza 2 in November and won one of Neal’s Bobby Orr drawings in a raffle. The artwork is fantastic. Neal doesn’t cover just Boston either, so if you’re looking for some original artwork for your favorite team or player, head on over to Neal’s site and poke around. You won’t be disappointed. Seriously. Go there now. We’ll wait here.


Keeping with the art theme…. see that banner at the top of our site? That was draw by Stephen Slesinski, resident Bloguin banner maker and just all around fantastic artist. Stephen S calls The Pensblog home and if you know a Penguins fan that would like some hand drawn pieces, check out Stephen’s shop.

We know, we know the Penguins aren’t exactly a popular team around Boston since Savard met Cooke’s elbow but there’s no denying Stephen’s work is awesome. Check out his stuff.

Wrapping up the art section today, DOY pal Colleen Keenan, designer of the Super Boychuk shirts, can be found here.

Great designer, great photographer. If you need some portraits or sweet as pics taken, she’s your girl. Just nothing Brett Favre style for her sake please.

Shameless self promotion time. If you haven’t heard, Days of Y’Orr is contributing to CSNNE’s Wicked Good Sports Blog thanks to our pal Mary Paoletti. Also, check out Mary’s post about crazy Ed Rendell. She did this post while walking to a game and doing calculus.

We’ve got a few posts under our belt there and hopefully we don’t suck. We’re ranting and raving and photoshopping anything and everything over there, not just hockey. Check out Justin’s latest here where he helps Lebron James out with basic English words and Jon’s latest here for a family friendly Bruce Boudreau speech. Spread the word and help us get a few extra hits!

I’m sure most of you are familiar with Greg Ezell. He now runs a blog called Angry Bruins Fan, and we highly recommend you check out his recent post where he carries on the Festivus tradition and airs his grieveances with the Boston Bruins.

Do you love pond hockey? Back yard rinks? Of course you do. That is why you should check out Joe Proulx’s site. Everything you could ever want to know about the art of outdoor rinks and outdoor hockey. Plus Joe is just a solid guy.

Do you hate Pierre McGuire like we do? Check out this video of him being a complete and utter idiot. I mean really. Just whip out your phone and go back to sexting Mike Richards and leave the analysis to people who are not inbred. Puck Daddy did a great post about McGuire’s pure idiocy and hockey blog Heroes In Rehab made this hilarious video. Enjoy.

Oh that Pierre.

Mark Marino from the Hub of Hockey is asking fans where they think the Bruins will be to start the New Year. Go on over and vote!

Jesse Connolly of New England Hockey Journal discusses the Bruins hot start on their current road trip.

Ty Anderson of Hockey Buzz discusses how Lucic avoided suspension and challenges you to ruin him on Xbox Live.

Kirk Luedeke of New England and New York Hockey Journal is the man to see if you want coverage of the WJC or just prospects in general. Plus, he’s awesome.