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Lock n’ Chain the new jacket for Bruins

The Boston Bruins have a new jacket and it’s a chain and lock. Chris Kelly was the first recepient of the heavy metal.

Via our buddy Michael Hurley over at CBS:

 “It’s something kind of like last year, with the jacket,” Kelly said of the chain link necklace and padlock wrapped around his neck. “Andrew made it from something that symbolizes the team. [In] the chain, try not to be that weak link. It’s one of those things that you pass out after a game. It’s one of those things that’s all in good fun.”

No word on what Bieska thinks of the Flavor Flav look.

Last night’s goal was exactly why Kelly should’ve won the Seventh Player Award.

Awesome GIF by Andrea.

Video of Ferene talking about the chain and lock.

Nice hat, bro.

Close up of Kelly and the chain.

Love it.

Go Bruins.