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Well that was fun. Leafs scored first, small amount of B's fans unreasonably panic. Then Bruins just dominate. Second game in two days and one could've expected a rough effort after the emotional, physical disaster the game against Pittsburgh was.

Have to hand it to the Bruins though. They somehow found a way to put all that behind them and focus on hockey. 

– Kevan Miller scored his first NHL goal before Phaneuf was Phaneuf. Good job buddy!

– Patrice Bergeron was a beast all game. He was so far down the Leafs throat they probably still taste his awesomeness today. 

Look at Campbell schooling Tom Brady with his long distance, accurate pass. And on ice no less. Campbell is coming for you Brady.

– Torey Krug is just ridiculous. Eight goals so far this season. The kid is an animal even though he's not tall enough to ride any of the roller coasters at Six Flags.

– Carl Soderberg continues to impress. He's on the PP, the PK and is chipping in goals now that he's used to the Bruins system. The big guy scored a nice one against the Leafs, and it was on the power play! He even won a face that directly resulted in Miller's goal. We love you Carl. WHERE IS CARL!?

Oh, right, Carl is busy being awesome. 

– The fact that Leafs fans still get fooled by their team's fast starts only to inevitably fall down.

– Lucic continues his strong season, bagging two assists, including one on this sweet Iginla goal. We're voting Iginla/Lucic in 2014.

– LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLeafs. Suck it Phaneuf. Hitting your best player is generally frowned upon.

– Chad Johnson with a pretty strong game. It's nice to know the Bruins realize Rask's back will break before the playoffs if they don't get him some rest.

– This is one of those games that frustrates you with Krejci. He was dominant almost every shift. Toronto rarely had an answer for him. But then he'll disappear for a few games. Unleash the fury David. UNLEASH THE FURY.

– Someone said the Bruins scored two power play goals. You freaking jokesters! Wait… what? It actually happened!?

– Despite all the terrible shit that happened this weekend, the Bruins grabbing four points against the Penguins and Maple Leafs is huge, especially after their disappointment against Montreal.

– Chara had an extremely slow start to the season, and some fool in the media was trying to drive the big man out of town. Chara has proven time and again over the last few games why that "C" is not only stitched to his jersey, but to his actual skin. Sure, he's a bit slower. That happens with age. But we wouldn't want the big guy anywhere else but Boston.

– The state of the NHL. Cheap shots, head shots and just all around disgusting play are polluting the league, and both the NHL and NHLPA refuse to do anything about it. Remember when hockey was fun and players being taken out of games on stretchers was a rarity? There's 30 teams in the league that have no respect for anyone in an opposing jersey. Both the NHL itself and the players are responsible.

– Still couldn't be happier that the "Thank you Kessel" stuff is over. It was funny the first time. Years later, not so much.

– The injury bug HATES the Bruins. Miller should apparently be back against Calgary (maybe) but Hamilton was sent back to Boston. Here's what the Bruins defensive pairings could look like next game:

Chara – Seidenberg

Krug – Zamboni

Bartkowski – Dancing Guy

B's haven't confirmed yet but looks like a skate may have accidently cut the back of Dougie's knee:

– Phaneuf cheap shotting Miller. Before you start, no, Miller does not deserve it because of any past cheap shots the Bruins have dished out. Every situation is different. Phaneuf was just being Phaneuf, an over rated, shitty captain who won't face anyone face to face. Wasn't even close. Phaneuf saw nothing but numbers. Thankfully it appears that Miller will be fine.

– And on that note, this whole notion that people are throwing around that every player on a team deserves to be injured because one player on his team did something dirty is so fucking STUPID. So by that logic, Sidney Crosby deserved his concussions because of Matt Cooke. Maybe Claude Giroux deserves to be nailed from behind because of Ray Emery. Maybe Phil Kessel should be jumped then because Kadri gave a flying knee drop to Minnesota's Backstrom. Maybe Seguin deserved his concussion because of Garbutt. This whole "logic" is completely stupid. STUPID.

– Ryan Spooner and Matt Fraser had rough games, but can't really consider that a negative at this point. If we're remembering correctly, it was their third game in three days and understandably they were probably a bit tired and 95-lagged.

– Bruins fans, no matter how much we harass Phil Kessel and make fun of him, that doesn't make him any less awesome. Sure, he didn't score last night but the guy is a better goal scorer than anyone that Bruins have. Let it go.

– Regardless of whether or not Seidenberg's elbow was intentional, that deserved at least a penalty. Players across the league need to learn to keep their elbows down. Say it with me guys… ELBOWS DOWN.

– How long until the Bruins are essentially jus a team of zombies?

– If the NHL hasn't done anything to improve player safety after all the violence so far this season, will they ever?

– How about shutting up?