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Looch, Looch, Looch-a-delphia. BRUINS WIN.

Four wins in a row. Not too shabby B's. Competition hasn't been great other than Tampa but still, keep it up guys.

Don't think anyway expected that type of performance out of Chad Johnson except his parents, but he definitely won the game for the Bruins. He made a bunch of key saves at key times to keep the Bruins in a game they probably should've lost.

And how awesome is Krug? He creates so many chances from the point. If the Bruins had anyone who would actually go to the front of the net they'd score a lot more. Krug is just a beast in the offensive zone and he's been playing better than Seids and Chara in the defensive zone. There. I said. Chara has been kind of awful this season.

Don't worry though big guy, we're positive you'll bounce back. If people don't run you out of town first.


– Our pal Pete Blackburn. Awesome jokes last night and master .gif maker.

– Krejci escaped the accident with Dubinksy without a concussion. That would've been awful. Concussions are dumb.

– Jack Edwards was so in love with Chad Johnson's glove hand that he may have even asked for a handy. Hey Jack, what do you think about this:

As soon as Jack started getting off (no pun intended) on Chad Johnson's glove hand, Jon immediately thought "how can I turn this into a photoshop that will make people uncomfortable?"

– Never thought we'd say this, but Chad Johnson won that game for the Bruins. He made some incredible saves and came up HUGE when the Bruins were busy doing their best impression of F.D.R.'s legs. And if you didn't hear, his glove hand was awesome. The two goals he let up weren't softies either. One through traffic, one off a bad rebound sure but whatever.

B's D definitely could've helped him out a lot more on that one. Played his balls off and was the main reason the B's even got to OT.

And somewhere, Jack heard "Chad Johnson's glove hand" and got a massive erection. Again.

– So, Milan seems to be doing his best to shove the "Lazy Lucic" thing down our throats. He looks like a completely different player this season. So much more confidence and more drive. He seems to have carried over his play from late in the playoffs. His game winner on Bobrovsky was a work of art. Have fun watching this over and over. We are.

– BOYCHUK SMASH. I can't wait for the commercials asking you to donate just $0.39 a month for a needy orphan who's parents were taken away by Johnny Boychuk.

– Torey Krug had roughly 37 shots (in a row?!). He should teach that to the rest of his team on the powerplay. One of the many reasons we love Krug is he shoots first and asks questions never. His team: PASS PASS PASS PASS TURNOVER. Krug: I'M GONNA FUCKING SHOOT THIS PUCK THROUGH YOUR FACE YOU DUMB GOALIE.

– We're not entirely sure Nathan Horton is still hurt. Mostly because he rarely showed up in the regular season anyway. So hard to tell. He might've been in the game.

– The Bruins are undefeated when Shawn Thornton scores a goal. We're not sure if that's true, but we don't care. It should be. TOP SHELF WHERE JACK HIDES HIS CHAD JOHNSON PORN!

– Since we make fun of Paille's hands so much, we figured we'd show his awesome goal again from the other night.

– Steven Stamkos is one hell of a guy. If more players were like him, there'd be way less headshots. Hope your recovery is extra fast Mr. Stamkos. 


– When will the Bruins stop taking the Helen Keller approach to passing? No look, blind passes rarely work, if ever, but you guys insist on continuing to try, leading to more turnovers than an Edmonton Oilers game.

Okay, sorry that was mean. But knock it off you asses.

– Jon's wife continues to deny that dolphins rape people despite all the evidence to the contrary.

– Bruins in the third period. Remember a couple of seasons ago when the Bruins took a lead into the third the game was basically over? Now once the third starts you're continually shitting yourself wondering which Bruin(s) is going to make the first horrendous turnover that leads to a goal.

– Seidenberg's turnover in OT. Good thing Columbus is awful and that Chad Johnson was channeling the ghost of Tim Thomas.

– KREJCI! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! We're not entirely sure Dubinsky could've stopped. He goes to land the check as Krejci falls. Seems more like bad luck than a dirty hit. Then Dubinksy's life flashed before his eyes when Lucic went after him. 


– Teemu Selanne died tonight 😦 Ducks ice crew is still cleaning up the dust where his body used to be 😦

– Seguin's not here anymore. It's time everyone moved on.

– This bullshit habit the Bruins have of playing down to their competition. Yes they're winning now, but if they keep doing this, it WILL catch up to them. You can't take so many games off and expect to keep winning. Last night was another game they probably shouldn't have won, and yeah it's great they pulled it out, but this is a terrible habit to fall into.

– What is Horton's favorite animal at the zoo?

– Why does the world continue to ignore the victims of dolphin rape?

– Bruins winning without consistent offense, but can they keep it up?

– Shut your pie hole.