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Looking at the Boston Bruins March Schedule


February was light on games for Boston compared to most of the NHL. March… not so much.

Damn.  We can describe this schedule in one image:

 Boston's playing every other day except for the three Back-to-Back games:

  • Lightning-Habs this weekend
  • Senators-Penguins on the 11th/12th
  • Capitals-Penguins on the 16th/17th

Two road games in Pitt on the back end of a back-to-backer? Jesus… Bs get two days off only once this month. April isn't going to look much better either. Playoffs will seem like easy scheduling compared to this road. Boston'splayed the least amount of games in the Eastern Conference (17) and have at least two games in hand on everyone else in the East.

Boston has seven divisional games this month, so a lot will be decided in terms of positioning in the Northeast.