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Looking for people’s thoughts on the Bruins Fan Relations

Personally, we think the Bruins Fan Relations might be the worst fan relations department in the NHL… possibly the world. But maybe we’re just biased since they’ve screwed us over at least once every year since we got season tickets a few years back. Maybe we’re just dicks. Maybe the Bs Fan staff sucking is status quo.

We’re looking for people’s feedback/thoughts (Good or bad) on the Bruins Fan Relation Group for a possible post.

Things we’re looking for:

What events have you been to? What do you think of them. Good? Bad? Do you have Bruins STH? How satisifed are you with Fan Relations? Can the Bruins fan relations do more? Are they worth the time/cost/effort? If you’ve been to other team’s events, how do they compare?

We’re also interested in hearing from non-Bruins fans on how their favorite team handles things. We know a lot of teams give out free gifts with the STH package, etc. We’re really hoping to get an overall view of how the Bs compare to the rest of the NHL.

Email us at daysofyorr@gmail.com.