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Loui E.K. Show. BRUINS WIN!


So umm… it's Saturday and we're busy. So you don't get an intro. STOP BEING SO NEEDY!

The rest of the recap is pretty funny though. Jon and Greg make a good team. They're Eskimo Cousins.


– Ole Jimmy Wiz asked Jordan Caron what his favorite animal was and Jordan said "cat." More specifically, a "puddy" cat as Tweety might say. We have this nice .gif courtesy of of Pete Blackburn that shows Jordan discussing his love for cats:

We love cats too here at Days of Y'O… what's that? Hold on, Greg is handing me a note. Oh…OH!!! Jordan called James that?! Oooooooo. Well, he's got a potty mouth! Hey Jordan, how's this soap gonna taste!?!?

Hold on…another note from Greg. What? Wrong Jordan? Man, no wonder drinking and blogging is against the law. I'm all  over the place. Also, James Wis. is a pansy.

– CONGRATS LOUI! YOU SCORED YOUR FIRST GOAL AS A BRUIN! He was by far the best player on the ice today. Keep it up buddy!


– Chris Kelly, that was a pretty spiffy goal. And a pretty spiffy pass by Iginla. Are you guys BFF's 4-eva now?!

– Look out P.J. Axelsson. There's a new Bruins Empty Net Sheriff in town.

– How freaking AWESOME has Rask been to start the season? He's allergic to letting up goals. He hates it like Jeremy Jacobs hates being fan friendly.

– Reilly Smith has looked pretty good so far this season. We like him. But umm… that guy on Twitter saying Smith is better than Seguin… cool it down there buddy. Go home, you're drunk.

– Johnny Boychuk is a beast. A BEAST. Blocking shots, dishing out hits, deafening people with his booming slapshot. We almost pooped our pants when we thought he was hurt today.

– What?

– Congrats to Claude for coaching his 700th career NHL game. 

– Why are the Bruins NEVER ready for matinee games? Like, ever? They always start incredibly sluggish. They always play like they're Seguin in a Winnipeg hotel and hitting Dismiss instead of Snooze on their alarms. WAKE UP!

– This must've been the 2013 Finals because Horton was invisible.

– Yes, we are aware he didn't really play today. It's called sarcasm you dolt.

– Paille, we LOVE you. Seriously. Your speed, your effort, your consistently. But you have stone hands buddy. You get so many break aways and you bury like 0.000000000000000001% of them. Poor lil guy.

– Jon's continuing refusal to proof read any of his posts. 

– Brad Marchand hasn't looked great. At all. He didn't even look good in preseason. He needs to get over his broken heart. Is he still depressed about the love of his life being traded and hooking up with Jaime Benn?



– Did Mr. James W. forget he has to play against the Bruins a few more times this season? Serious, who slaps someone anymore? It only would've been acceptable if he was challenging Caron to a duel.

– There have been multiple head shots across the NHL over the past few days, and this is not getting even a quarter of the amount of attention fighting is currently getting. What a fucking joke.

"Wah wah wah THERE'S FIGHTING IN THE NHL!!! Oh wait, what? Some guy got elbowed in the head? Was it in a fight?! No?! THEN WHO CARES!" ~ Media

– How many times was Loui needlessly asked about Seguin in the locker room after the game?

– When will Columbus realize the Civil War is over and knock it off with that dumb canon? Canons are also for winners. Not you Columbus.

– Does anyone else keep forgeting Gaborik plays for Columbus?

– Shut up.