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Love, Charity and the Bruins. What’s Better Than That?


As you guys know, we love when readers want to get involved. A month or so we had Christine who made a huge bear out of snow to troll her neighbors in Montreal. We've had guest bloggers and have the upcoming Google+ show (which I hope you will all watch and get involved in). 

Last night during the Bruins game, a reader of ours asked us to do her a favor. She's one of oru original Twitter followers before she left the tweeting world and we're always down to help out a reader. Tomorrow, Nicole is going to be auctioned off for a date at the Newport Blues Cafe in Newport, Rhode Island. The proceeds of the auction is going to the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation. It's $20 to get in and from 8pm to 9pm you have the chance to meet those who are being auctioned off. 

Nicole asked us to write a quick post on this because she got some help from the Boston Bruins Foundation and she put together a pretty fucking awesome package that any Bruins fan would be excited for. Her package includes a Boston Bruins team signed stick, Bergeron jersey, tickets to the 2/28/13 game against Ottawa. 

vday auction


So if you're not doing a fucking thing tomorrow, head down to Newport and win yourself a hockey date with a good looking girl for charity.