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Lucic checks Miller, Miller gets away with huge slash, fakes death

Y’know. What kind of society do we live in when a power forward can’t skate hard after a puck without getting slashed by the opposing team goalie.

And the GIF, since people work fast. Thanks to BosTownSports.

According to Buffalo announcers:

  • This is the type of hit the NHL is trying to get rid of. ‘Cause checking a goalie out of his crease is just like a blindside late hit to the head. Exactly.
  • The Sabres should run Timmy as retribution. Clearly the Buffalo announcers stopped watching hockey after the Sabres got eliminated.

And people think Jack Edwards is a homer. Holy crap.

After the jump we break this sequence down.

1. After a great defensive play at the blue line, Milan Lucic busts his ass down the ice for a potential breakaway. Miller realizing he can’t stop a beachball shot at him from a mile away decides to come out and be aggressive. Looch tries to warn Miller but Miller is worried about fucking up the play and getting pulled for Enroth.

 2.  Not even a second later (look at the timestamp) and despite Looch’s best efforts he rams into Miller aka “the type of hit we’re trying to get rid of.” OK, Rick Jeanneret.
It’s cool, Rick. We know you’re like 100 years old and double for Rodney Dangerfield during the off-season. We’re calling you up for parties.

3. Looch tries to apologize to Miller but is amazed by Miller’s dive. We already know Roy dives. But apparently Team USA hero also dives. Lucic is in awe — as we all — by Miller’s helicopter move.

4. Miller gets away with a huge slash. No call? Bogus. Refs are blind.

Shash. Slash. We won’t make fun of Miller for his speech impediment. We’re not assholes. 

 5. Miller realizes that he took precious time from pretending to be hurt to slash Looch. He goes back to playing dead. Must’ve been the second shooter on the grassy knoll.

6. Trainer goes out to make sure Miller is ok. Unfortunately for him, Miller’s A-OK, but he’s worried.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Miller started an unnecessary scrum with Boston