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Lucic Freed: No suspension or fine for Looch

It’s official. No suspension or fine for Milan Lucic for his love tap on Ryan Miller.

Per NHL.com:

“I had the hearing because I did make an initial assessment of the play as I do with all plays, but I did have some questions for Milan and I wanted to hear directly from him,” Shanahan told NHL.com. “They were regarding his intent; at what point did he know there was going to be a collision; and whether or not he felt he had the time to avoid the collision. I was satisfied with his answers.”

“The minor penalty called on the ice was the correct call,” Shanahan said. “And, while it’s unfortunate that Miller was hurt I saw nothing egregious about this hit that would elevate it to supplemental discipline.” 


Rumor has it Looch asked Shanny “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?” and then hung-up.

Somewhere Sabres fans have joined ranks with Montreal and Vancouver and getting ready to dial 9-1-1.

Anyone with half a mind isn’t surprised by this decision. Here’s video of Looch from Felger & Maz earlier this afternoon. Bonus points for anyone who counts the amounts of “you knows” Lucic drops.

“We made contact. We made a lot of contact.”

For now, Sabres fans will have to just dream about Looch being suspended (or any Sabre enacting revenge). They can file those dreams next to the ones abotu Buffalo winning a cup.

Suck it, Buffalo.

Go Bruins.