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March Sadness: Worst Bruin of the Past Decade Bracket

[Update] – Voting for the “Crash Clarke’s Dancing Guy” Division is now OPEN!

[UPDATE 2] – Voting for the “Dave Lewis’ Mustache” Division is now OVER!

[UPDATE] – Voting for the “We Need A Puck Moving Defenseman!” Division is now OVER!

So yesterday Mike Darnay threw up a tweet stating that him and a friend were just bantering about an NCAA style bracket for the 64 worst Pens players of the past decade. So I said to myself “This would be awesome for the Bruins” and thus it happened. Last year Stanley Cup of Chowder did the Greatest Player of the Past Decade, but we’re known for our negativity so we’ll go the other way. Now, before I post this, there was guidelines has to what constituted as the worst. 

– Stats. Self explanatory. Play a lot of games
Hype. If a player signs a big contract, comes in off of a big trade, these all come under hype. Lets say a player signs a massive deal, gets injured and never see the ice again. That would put him in this bracket. Lets say another player signs a huge contract and under performs – well that huge signing hyped him up to something he wasn’t. Drafted in the first round a suck? Welcome to the bracket.
– The Way He Left. Sour tastes and that.
– Personal Dislike. I’m a jerk.

These were just a few of the guidelines I used when putting this together. Now, YOU WILL PROBABLY NOT AGREE WITH SOME OF THESE. I don’t care. There’s no way I can do something like this and make everyone happy.

Voting will occur in separate posts and run for ONE DAY per division. After one division is finished, I will update the brackets and move on until we find out who the worst Boston Bruin is in the last decade.

And now: The bracket broken up by divisions.


“We Need A Puck Moving Defenseman!” Division

Dave Lewis’ Mustache Division

Crash Clarke’s Shitty Dancing Guy Division

Creepy Midget Dale Arnold Division