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March Sadness: Worst Bruin of the Past Decade. THE FINALS.

Alright, we’re here. The finals of the “Worst Bruin of the Past Decade”. Here are the results from “The Fucked Four” which ran a two day voting.

Tomas Kaberle absolutely destroyed Colton Orr. It wasn’t even close. Also, I’m glad that our buddy MLSE from Pension Plan Puppets dropped in. We love PPP, we really do. The other match-up in the Fucked Four was closer than I expected. I expected Jordan Caron to run away with this tournament once he defeated Alex Zhamnov.

It’s funny – a lot of people give Jordan Caron shit, but this tournament saw people backing the dark horse (get it, he’s a horse?). Maybe he’s not as bad as we have all complained about this year. Or maybe we’re just lucky that this group of Bruins is so good that it makes a kid who hasn’t grown into his own yet look bad.

Either way, we have a dream finals ahead of us.

The voting will remain open for TWO DAYS and will end on Wednesday at NOON EST.

To view a high resolution, complete bracket: click here.

Tomas Kaberle – Kaberle was traded for on February 18, 2011 but it wasn’t a surprise that Peter Chiarelli wanted the blue liner. The Bruins were linked to Kaberle in the 2010 offseason. Hell, there was a report in March of 2009 that the Bruins were interested in him. The writing was on the wall for Tomas Kaberle to join the Boston Bruins at some point during his time with the Toronto Maple Leafs. Like I said earlier, that time came in February of 2011.

Kaberle was traded for Joe Colborne, a 2011 first round draft pick and a conditional pick that later turned out to be a second round pick.

We were pleased. Hell, we were ecstatic! Finally we had our puck moving defenseman! A guy to quarterback a power play that was one of the worst in the NHL at the time. So what happened? Kaberle was out of shape, overexposed and got bumped down to a third line pairing for the Stanley Cup playoffs. People have thrown around that “His name is on the Stanley Cup, this is absurd!” and to that I would ask if you believe every name on the Stanley Cup is deserving of being there? (Jordan Caron, for one)

Steve Montador – Montador was acquired on March 4, 2009 from the Ducks for Petteri Nokelainen. Montador was brought in to play a big part in the Bruins defense. Standing at around 6 feet, Montador was a durable guy in Anaheim who could eat a ton of minutes on the ice. Sadly his time in Boston was a waste.

Let’s put some context into this season before I go on. The Bruins were the best team in the Eastern Conference in 08-09, finishing first with 116 points. The Capitals were the closest team to them at 108 points. I can remember the Bruins just running through teams in November and December that year.

So why did Steve Montador make this list? In the 2008-2009 Stanley Cup Eastern Conference Semi-Finals, Steve Montador was a fucking pylon. That’s the easiest, nicest way to say it. In fact, I still believe that despite wearing a Bruins jersey – Steve Montador was actually a Carolina Hurricanes sleeper agent. He led the Bruins in the “assists to Eric Staal” category.

He was a disaster. Fuck him and fuck his face.

Oh, he also has his name on a Stanley Cup so…

1. Tomas Kaberle vs 3. Steve Montador
Tomas Kaberle
Steve Montador
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