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Marchand Drops Knowledge

four brothers

Brad Marchand is all that is man!!

There, I said it.

Marchand, being the maestro of the English language that he is, popped out a few gems to the public today from Joe Haggerty’s Twitter.

Brad Marchand on playing Habs: “They like to get in and shoot their mouths off, and then when you hit them they’ll dive down & fall easily”

Brad Marchand: “When you have a team like us that’s big, tough & strong, I think that’s why it kinda ended up the way it did last time”

Brad Marchand: “If you look at all the fights [Habs] threw 1st punch. They stirred the pot. They got what they deserved. Its their fault”

After the jump we look at crying Habs fans…shocking!

Not to sure where those came from but I can tell you one thing, it has Montreal in a shit-fit. Don’t believe me? Look that these lovely Canadiens fans.  (click the image to enlarge it)

Look at those classy fans man! The best part about is thing is that this is just a small sample of what you’ll get from the Canadien “faithful”. Go ahead, search “Brad Marchand”. In fact, here ya go! Their sense of hockey is blinded by the fact they love the “blu, blanc and rouge” and will blindly defend their high school diving team than look at the facts. What’s even more amazing is that they’re hating on a guy who is in the Calder Trophy race. Marchand has 19 goals, 16 assists and 35 points on the season. That would put him second in goals scored and fourth in points if he were on the Canadiens and all those pussified morons would be loving him.


u mad bro?

So keep fucking crying Habs fans and keep backing PK Subban because just like all of you, he’ll run his mouth until he has to put his feet into the fire. Once that has to happen, he’ll turtle quicker than Patrick Kaleta and Shawn Thorton will have to go and pick someone else’s ass. Oh and when he does, will you cry how much of a fighter the other guy isn’t?

You people disgust me.

habd shitter