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Marchand to Twitter: ‘You Know Nothing’

Brad Marchand took a hit from Brendan “Let Me Fight Chara” Smith last night near the offensive blue line.

GIF: Brad Marchand hurt after being kneed by Brendan Smith

He got hit on one knee but favored the other while getting up, causing a firestorm on twitter.

But after the game, Brado had some choice words for all your Tweeters:

Shots. Fired.

To be fair, Marchand has a bit of a history of drawing calls and embellishing, so when he goes down like that and favors the opposite leg, people are going to be highly skeptical. It’s the Boy Who Cried Wolf Syndrome at it’s finest.

More from Marchand:

“I twisted (my right knee) when I landed there.¬†It kind of felt like a pop, and my leg was tingling a bit. I just wanted to make sure it was OK and moving right.

“I even said that to the ref after when he asked what happened,” continued the Bruins super pest, reiterating that he wasn’t trying to draw the major penalty. “I just tried to jump around him and he clipped me a little bit, but it was just more how I landed, so it was the right call.”

So did he actually hurt his knee or was he playing for the refs? Who knows. What we do know is…

UPDATE: Here’s a slow-mo GIF of Marchand landing and torquing his knee akwardly.