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Milan Lucic: Busting goalies and trades in a single plow

Hey remember that time when Milan Lucic went to play the puck and Ryan Miller had a brainfart and decided to try to play the puck as well and well.. this happened?

And then after the game Ryan Miller called Milan Lucic a “piece of shit.” Then after that giant circus reports came out that Miller had a concussion only for later reports — after Lucic was exonerated of all manslaughter charges by Shanahan — to come out and say and it was just whiplash?

Yea, well, it looks like Milan Lucic might’ve busted a whole lot more than just Ryan Miller’s ego.

 No wonder why Miller was pissed. He had a one way ticket out of Buffalo and then…


Wonder if Lucic ever wrote Miller an “I’m Sorry” note for screwing Miller over like that. We can always do it for Looch if he wants…

S/T to Dan (@bruinshockeynow) for showing us that tweet.