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MIlan Lucic does a commercial… it’s worse than you can possibly imagine


Well… this certainly happened:

Sorry… here's a animated GIF of PD's Harrions Mooney dancing to clense the eyes.


Haha, suckers.

Anyways, back to Looch. Clearly he hasn't been taking acting classes during the offseason & lockout. Maybe he should've taken some lessons with Mr. Adam Oates.

In seriousness, this was almost painful to watch. We're not sure how we got through a minute-plus of it. The whole "It's not you, it's me…" made us a little uncomfortable. And by a little we mean a lot. Like we almost started crying.

Wait… what's that.. Looch has a message for Team DOY?

Touche, salesman.

S/T to PuckDaddy for bringing this… something… to our attention.