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Milan Lucic fined $3,500 for being a BAMF

We’re assuming you’ve seen video of the Bruins-Thrashers brawl that took place on Christmas Eve Eve. If not, we’re not sure why you’re readying this blog.

But just in case: Freddy Meyer threw an elbow at Milan Lucic’s head toward the end of the third period. The Bruins didn’t take kindly to Meyer, a brawl ensued. Looch sucker punched Meyer while his hands were being held down. Meyer fell to the ice like a sack of horse poo.

Here’s video: 

Many speculated Looch would be suspended for the hit. Some even thought Looch embarrassed the city of Boston, it’s fans and the NHL in general…

…but these same people are Islander fans and haven’t seen real hockey in decades. Poor lads.

After the jump… we talk about Lucic’s punishment for the scrum and his gesture toward Atlanta…

Anyways, Looch didn’t get suspended which we’re sure all 10 of the Thrashers fans out there are crying about. Video shows clearly that Meyer threw an elbow and video shows Looch clearly sucker punched Meyer. An eye for an eye; sucker punch for cheap shot.

Looch did get fined $2,500 for the sucker punch and another $1,000 for an obscene gesture toward the Atlanta bench.

First off, we were at the game so we didn’t see the gesture. We were more in awe by Nathan Horton taking Evander Kane to town than to watch Lucic being led to the runway. So, like most people, we had to rewatch that part of the incident on video.

Second off, the gesture was described by one person (we can’t remember who) as challenging the Thrasher’s bench. When we read that we thought of this:

It wasn’t. It was this:

Which looks like Looch is just throwing a balled fist in the air. Or maybe he found some Italian heritage somewhere and was telling them the meatballs were perfection.

Either way, not very obscene, but very Captain Kirk-like:


We couldn’t figure out why a balled fist was “obscene” until we saw the Atlanta feed, however, which had a better angle.

Can’t tell which finger that is but it’s safe to assume that Lucic was telling the Thrashers what he thought about their organization and fanbase — that they were number one. 

Fantastic. Love it. We want more of this.