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Milbury case dismissed, can now return to trolling on TV

Well that was fast. Mike Milbury won’t face criminal charges.

In a world where people sue over the stupidest things and win, it’s nice to see that a parent can still be a parent and step in when some brat’s stepping out of line. You can read the DOY reports on the incident here.

Per Boston.com:

“It’s all over. The case is closed. The investigation is closed,’’  (Brookline Police Capt. Thomas) Keaveney said in a telephone interview.

“The clerk magistrate felt there was not enough evidence to bring this case forward, that he somehow believed that there wasn’t, in fact, any crime committed,’’ the department spokesman said. “So that’s the end of the story. It’s over.’

 Keaveney said a video of the hockey game was submitted to Savage as part of the evidence for him to consider, but the police spokesman said he as not sure whether the confrontation between Milbury and the boy was captured on tape.

Not confirmed is that Mike was seen carrying the following sign as he left the hearing.

He can now go back to his announcing job, trolling the Sedins.