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Miro Satan Has Broken Feels


Remember this hit: 

Well of course you do. Anyways, it has pissed of Miroslav Satan to the point where he doesn't want to be friends with Zdeno Chara anymore. This coming from the man who was Chara's best man at his wedding. 

NESN wrote about it this morning: 

“I have played hockey for 30 years,” Satan said after the game, according to the KHL’s official YouTube page. “I can tell a clean hit from a bad one. If it would have been a bad one, I wouldn’t be cut.”

Settle down Miro, it's a game of hockey. I'm sorry you got hurt, but you probably shouldn't end a friendship over it. ITS ALL YOUR FAULT JEREMY! IF WE HAD HOCKEY, THEY'D STILL BE COMRADS!