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Missed Chances Will Haunt You. BRUINS LOSE.

Too tired to write a good intro. And too disappointed. Both teams deserved to lose that one. Crazy game. Too many defensive breakdowns Too many missed chances. 

Exactly how we feel Jagr, Blah. Saturday can't get here soon enough. Bruins will get this done.

– Lucic is hitting EVERYONE. He might've even body checked a zamboni. Zamboni is day-to-day with an upper body injury.

– Shawn Thornton hit the Jumbtron with the puck while trying to clear. He doens't know his own strength.

– McQuaid is so generous He decided to spare Stalberg. Stalberg's family was incredibly grateful. Stalberg was grateful he didn't have to spend the next month eating through a straw.

– Krug had a good game. Especially in the first. F you posts!

– FANTASTIC keep in by Ference and one hell of a shot by Rich Peverly. Welcome to the Finals Rich!!!!

– Crawford's glove hand. It's been a huge asset for the Bruins.

– We love you Rask. Sorry your defense doesn't sometimes.

– Lucic playing like a man among boys these playoffs. GREAT goal at a great time. Too bad the defense blew it right after.

– Fortunate bounce, sure, but Bergy doing what your best players need to do. Had a rough night up to that point. Went too the locker room after a big hit. Came back, scored a powerplay goal to bring the B's within one. WE LOVE YOU!


– The Jagr-Bergeron tag team. Jagr is a legend and Bergeron is a future legend. Bergeron is just ridiculous. Bergy is a tie salesman.

– Seriously. We love you Jagr. You're awesome. And amazing. 

– Patrick Sharp didn't look so pretty after he got BOYCHUK'D. Then Sharp tried to be a tough guy. Hey Sharp, remember earlier in the game when you hit Kelly and you told him to keep his head up? Yeah, how's it feel BITCH!?

– Then Boychuk scores to tie it 5-5. What a shot. What a player. JOHNNY DESTROYCHUK!

– Bruins start was sloppier than an ex-girlfriend of Sean Avery. Jebus.

– Really Bruins? You allowed a short handed goal? Awful. Just awful. Terrible turnover by Seguin.

– First period saw the Bruins trying to set an NHL record for turnovers. Even worse than Game 2. 

– Seriously, that first period was uglier than Evgeni Malkin.

– Pierre McGuire could not possibly be more awful.

– Seriously Pierre. You bring NOTHING to these broad casts. 

– According to Pierre, Seidenberg yelling "Z!" is a rivoting on ice conversation.

– How does no one cover Jonathan Toews on Chicago's second goal? Bush league. Ridiculously good tip by Toews though. Damn.

– Then they leave Kane wide open on Chicago's third goal. Awful.

– Awful, terrible defensive play in the second. Just gross.

– Julien really needs to teach the players how to count. Way too man Too Man Men On the Ice penalties these playoffs Bruins.

– How many break aways and two on ones you want to give up Bruins? You are aware you're in the Finals correct?

– People who want Jagr benched. Go fall face first into a bench.

– That dumb Lucic turnover in the third was a killer. Then Sharp scored on the PP. Blaaaaaaaaaah.

– Blow chances, man. Blown chances.

– What the hell?