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Monday Morning Reading: More Marchand, Canucks flap mouths, angry reader

Marchand has a hearing with Sherrif Shanaban around noon today for his hit on Sami Salo. Canucks have said that Salo has a conucussion which is the common injury to clipping, obviously, and we all know that everyone has a concussion before a disciplinary hearing — right Ryan Miller?

Yesterday, Brado went on the defensive, echoing what Claude Julien said post-game — he was merely defending himself from a big hit from a much larger opponent. 

Per Puck Daddy

“The puck was going around the boards and I went to pick it up and was kinda looking over my shoulder and saw Salo coming in and I just kind of went down. You look up and you see a guy who’s 6-foot-4/6-foot-5 coming in on you, and your instincts are to just protect yourself and it was very unfortunate he was hurt on the play.

… “I’ve seen the replay a bit. I did go under him but I felt the base contact was about his hip point. That’s usually a pretty legal hit from what I’ve seen in the past. I have no idea about how the League feels about it.

 “I think, in this league nowadays, with the size and strength of guys, everyone has to protect himself and different guys do it in different ways. In a game like last night when there’s a lot of emotions and guys are running around a bit, you’re definitely watching over your shoulder a little bit more and you want to try and protect yourself as much as you can. When you have a guy coming in on you, you have no idea what his intentions are and what the outcome’s going to be. You’re just trying to protect yourself in that situation.”

Brado took a big hit near the exact same spot so that’s no surprise. He’s also used to Canucks taking runs at him. Pretty sure everyone here remembers when Sedin charged Marchand after the whistle and then got flipped like a party cup in a frat house.

So, yeah, he’s used to have Canucks running him.

After the jump… the Canucks bitch, whine and complain becuase that’s what they do, plus we get an angry email (GASP!)…

Even after a win Vancouver has to complain. Holy fuckballs. We haven’t seen this much whining since before our naps at pre-school.

From the VanSun:

“What Marchant did, you could end a player’s career doing that. I’ve never seen Sami Salo take a run at any player in the NHL. All Sami Salo has done is play the game with integrity.

“Marchand – and this is just my feeling – but someday he’s going to get it. Someday, some-one’s going to say ‘enough is enough’ and they’re going to hurt the kid because he plays to hurt players. And if the league doesn’t care, somebody else will.”

(Who the fuck is Marchant? Nice job, VANSun)

Bieska who loves to run his mouth to the media like the brave guy he is added to the anger:

“It’s very, very cheap,” Canuck defenceman Kevin Bieksa said. “I can’t think of a cheaper hit you can do on the ice. That and a slew-foot kind of go hand in hand. Twenty seconds before that, [Marchand] and Sami have a pretty good collision in the exact same spot. Sami probably gets the better of him. Then second time, Marchand comes back and loses his will and goes down low. A cheap shot from him, and I hope he gets a phone call from the league.”

You mean like when Mason Raymond went super low on Brad Marchand last June?

Bieska’s a fucking dolt.

Seriously. You know how fucking low you need to go to hit Marchand that low? Look at Raymond; he’s practically Tebowing on the ice. Hip to the outside of Marchand’s knee.

And the other Canucks clips:

But you know, the Canucks never do shit like that. Ever. Only Boston.

So that’s three videos of Canucks players going after knees — two of them against Boston. And if you think these hits are clean and Marchand’s isn’t you’re a fool. If Marchand’s hit is dirty than so are those Canucks hits. It can’t be both ways.

And the whole “could end careers” arugment is weak coming from Vignault who was defending Aaron Rome after he put Horton’s head on the choping block. Vignault can go blow a goat with his self-righteousness.

All these other hits won’t come into Shanahan’s decision since they were from last year and this is his first year wearing the discipline badge. We’re just tired of this holy than thou attitude from the Canucks. Grow a pair.

Angry email:

Here’s our favorite email from over the weekend. We’re assuming it’s from a Canucks fan ’cause we only hear from opponent’s fans when the Bruins are playing them.

Gotta love it when a guy creates an email solely to try to troll us. He can’t even spell Bruins right. Also, gotta love that saying “fuck you” is kosher but he can’t spell out the word “shit.” And thanks for listing all the New England pro teams for us. You forgot the Revolution though. Speaking of the American Revolution, I don’t think Paul Revere road in on New England fans. Read a book. Or we could send Jack Edwards over to teach you American history. 

Also, we’re glad that this guy realizes the Canucks aren’t making it to the finals or, if they do, aren’t beating Boston.

But we digress. We respond in turn.

And instantly get this back:

canucks emailThat’s right. Our dear friend, Bsuck, went through all the effort of creating an email only to close it right away. Typical Vancouver. Start shit then run away and hide. Wonder if Weise sent this email.